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"Measure B is a blueprint for disaster and the public will get the bill. let's go back to the drawing board and come up with a renewable energy plan that makes fiscal sense and common sense, that protects ratepayers from catastrophic increases in their bills and delivers what we all want: A renewable energy program that we can afford, that is well planned and managed and makes Los Angeles the center of a thriving clean energy industry." Nick Patsaouras, Candidate for City Controller and former Chair of the DWP Commission





NBC Chicago: City Controller Slams LADWP
Controller Laura Chick says utility's solar ballot measure "stinks".
Report identifies an agency "in desperate need of change." The Los Angeles City Controller says the agency needs to stop being run by politics and ballot measures.

Laura Chick and David Freeman discuss Measure B on Warren Olney's "Which Way LA?" on KCRW

02-17-09 Rosendahl Townhall Ron Kaye opening

Bill Rosendahl's Measure B Townhall

DWP Needs to Get its House in Order

Yes on Solar, No on B - Kaye
Ron Kaye, the former managing editor of the L.A. Daily News, speaks about the poor performance and planning in the new solar ballot measure at a meeting of the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition Jan. ...

Yes on Solar - No on B - Trujilljo
Michael Trujillo, representing the Yes on Measure B, has a Q&A with the L.A. Neighborhood Council Coalition members. He seems to think that the Department of Water and Power won't install solar, even if the Mayor and City Council mandate it, unless the voters approve this measure. ...

Yes on Solar - No on B - Shaffer
Len Shaffer at a Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition meeting asks Michael Trujillo of the Yes on Measure B committee, questions concerning the proposed ordinance.

Yes on Solar - No on B - Humphreville
Jack Humphreville discusses the upcoming Ballot Measure B, the so called green energy / good jobs measure, slated to be on the March 3, 2009 ballot. Measure B will be very expensive for the customers of the DWP and could lead to very high utility bills.

City Councilman Bill Rosendahl on Measure B
At a LADWP sponsored discussion of renewable energy for Neighborhood Councils, L.A.City Councilman Bill Rosendahl said that he put Measure B on the ballot to learn more about it.

David Nahai - DWP & Measure B
David Nahai, General Manager of the L.A. Department of Water and Power said that the LADWP did not ask for this part of the solar plan (Measure B)to be on the ballot and will release the findings of the analysis two to three weeks before the election. ...

LADWP's Joe Avila at WHWCNC


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