UCLA Urban Planning Students

On the morning of Oct. 27, 2011, the Route 66 Task Force walked along Rt. 66 in East Hollywood with six UCLA urban design students between the 101 fwy and Vermont Ave.

The students will be preparing an urban design rendering of Santa Monica Blvd. which will include streetscaping, facade improvements, street furniture, and landscaping. The design is expected to be completed by December. They have some great ideas. Throughout the walk, problems plaguing the corridor were discussed and pointed out.

Another group is working east of Vermont Ave. and will be preparing another rendering which will include a park on the city light yard site. Some businesses were open which gave them an opportunity to meet some of the stakeholders. One of the stops was the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church where the church secretary, Maria Martinez, greeted the group with enthusiasm. About an hour into the walk, a stopover was made at Sasoun Bakery. The owner was kind to provide a free lunch. The food scored high with the students. The final stop was the point of beginning in front of the famous East Hollywood Art Cycle mural.

UCLA Planning Students