Vision: Connecting the people and businesses of East Hollywood with the legacy of the Historic Route 66 as the "road to opportunity."

Mission: The East Hollywood Route 66 Task Force connects Santa Monica Boulevard with its rich legacy as the Historic Route 66. From Sunset to the 101 Freeway, local improvement projects engage businesses, neighbors, artists, activists, schools, religious groups and government agencies in a collaborative journey along this living stretch of American history. The Route 66 Legacy is manifested in a vibrant local economy, in a pedestrian oriented neighborhood, on clean and safe streets, and in a healthy community with a strong commitment to education, civic engagement, tourism, and arts & culture.

Values: The Route 66 commitment to mobility, public safety, economic development, tourism, the entertainment industry, public space, and connected community is as important today as it was 85 years ago. Historic preservation, artistic development, community engagement, and a commitment to public health and public safety are the tools for connecting the past to the future.