chrysalisChrysalis Enterprises has partnered with the East Hollywood Route 66 Task Force in a campaign to clean the streets and sidewalks of Santa Monica Boulevard, improving the quality of life for the local residents and businesses while creating transitional jobs for Chrysalis clients who have the most difficulty finding a job.

This simple cleanup campaign contributes to public safety by employing the "broken windows" theory which claims that attending to the basics of maintenance and sanitation discourages graffiti and crime. This results in people becoming more comfortable walking and socializing in the neighborhood, which has public health benefits that also contribute to a more prosperous local economy.

immaculate heart of mary catholic churchImmaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church is approaching their 100th Anniversary and they have partnered with the East Hollywood Route 66 Task Force in a campaign to connect local school children with the rich legacy of the Route 66 story, creating a sense of pride in the history of the community.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church continues to serve as a point of connectivity, hosting community meetings that bring residents, merchants, parishioners and civic leaders together. Classroom activities will use the foundation of the Route 66 story to move through history, economics, transportation, sociology, and civic engagement lessons, bringing the topics to life in a way that manifests itself in a community of youth that is connected to the past and to the future of Route 66.

painted utility box by la commonsLA Commons has partnered with the Hollywood Route 66 Task Force in a public art campaign that will put local children to work beautifyin g the neighborhood by decorating the curbside utility boxes with imagery that memorializes the Route 66 locations.

From Sunset to the 101 Freeway, Santa Monica Boulevard will feature artwork that captures the Route 66 journey, from Chicago to Joplin, Tulsa to Amarillo, Gallup to Flagstaff, Barstow to San Bernardino, ultimately connecting the dreams and aspirations of the country with Santa Monica Boulevard.

The Route 66 public art campaign will connect with the rich legacy of America's Main Street and reinvigorate the local community with the power of a journey down our very own "road to opportunity!"hands

East Hollywood Neighborhood Council is committed to civic engagement and the Route 66 campaign is a simple step to connecting the residents and businesses of the neighborhood with the many departments and agencies that have some authority over this stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard.

City Council President Eric Garcetti's office and the Metro, along with the California Department of Transportation, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, and the LAPD, are all partners in this important transportation corridor that serves those on foot, on bikes, in private cars, in commercial trucks, on Local and Rapid buses, and on Metro Rail.