LA City's Draft Bike Plan received
much criticism since it's presentation:

The draft LA City Bike Master Plan is out,
and it prevents NC participation.

The LA Bike Working Group is working on an alternate plan
and here is why:

The draft LA City Bike Master Plan was released today, 6 months late:

"The public can submit comments at the public workshops, via the project website [] or by mail on or before November 6, 2009"

The plan is 6 months late, and we only have six weeks to submit comments? That may seem like a lot of time, but consider that the plan is 212 pages, with 351 pages of appendices.

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Bike Girl Loves Plans

Bike Girl loves plans. There is nothing more elegant than a well laid, and well executed plan. She also loves bicycles. In fact, she even named herself after bicycles (BIKE Girl people, BIKE Girl). Because of those dual loves, and her current address in Los Angeles, one would think Bike Girl would be ecstatic about the Los Angeles Bicycle Master Plan. It has a good name. It has bikes, plans, Los Angeles, and it's the Master of all plans. Bike Girl would love to peruse the plan and participate in the debate about the plan.

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L.A.'s Draft Bikeway Plan:
Non-Committal, Sloppy and Perhaps Illegal

In September 2009, the city of Los Angeles released its draft Bicycle Master Plan update. This followed the May 2009 release of slightly different facility map portions of the plan. The public is invited to four meetings later this month to learn about and give input on the draft plan.

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LA's Bike Plan: Lacks Vision, Teeth

LA's Draft Bike Plan is a huge document of thin ambition, relying on controversy over process to distract from the fact that it lacks vision, it lacks substance, and it lacks the teeth necessary to bring about any change.

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Why Non-Cyclists Should Care About the LA Bike Plan

The City of Los Angeles has a new Bike Plan on the table that is supposed to be the new guideline for the next 5 years for a bikeable LA and there is a lot of contention about the process, public participation, funding and other issues about how this plan came about, costing our taxpayers $450,000, being a year late and looking nothing as close to or as good as anything cycling related that I've seen in my travels.

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LA's Bike Plan - Return to Sender

At last night's Los Angeles Bicycle Advisory Committee, the LABAC voted unanimously to "demand an extension of the comment period" effectively moving the deadline from 42 days to 94 days. This action from the LABAC is the same action that neighborhood councils throughout the city are taking and speaks volumes to the amount of energy that is wasted in Los Angeles on simply getting the process adjusted so that the public can participate.

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LA Bike Plan - Bike Lanes in Los Angeles Are Not For Me!

Bike Lanes are a deterrent for me to ride in and I oftentimes cringe when I hear people blindly supporting them without asking for enhanced safety standards and regulations. So when the LA Draft Bike Plan proposes Bike Lanes and Paths all over the city without taking into consideration what the people want, it upsets me for many reasons, not withstanding the fact that all of our bike lanes in Los Angeles place the cyclists into the door zone with the exception of the short stretch on McClintock Ave by USC. That is the only bike lane in the city that I know of that has the bike lane outside of the door zone.

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LABAC Demands Draft Bike Plan Comment Period Extension

Gail Goldberg, Director of Planning
Jane Blumenfeld, Citywide Planning Division
Department of City Planning
City of Los Angeles

Dear Ms. Goldberg and Ms. Blumenfeld:

The Bicycle Advisory Committee of the City of Los Angeles voted unanimously at its regular meeting of October 6, 2009 to "demand" that the Draft Bicycle Plan Update comment deadline of November 6, 2009 be extended to Friday, January 8, 2010.

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L.A.'s Draft Bike Plan Enters "Civic Enragement" Phase

LA's Draft Bike Plan is a huge document of thin ambition, that relies on controversy over process to distract from the fact that it lacks vision, it lacks substance, and it lacks the teeth necessary to bring about any change

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...and many more that you can find online by various organizations, groups and individuals.