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Dirty Dozen

Stephen Box
"LA City Council Candidate
for District 4"


Stephen Box is a bike activist and community organizer. He rides, he writes about riding and he is a fierce protector of our right to ride.

He believes that the streets are the new "public space" and that our ability to share that space is one of our greatest opportunities for revitalizing and redefining our communities.

"See you on the Streets"


Enci is an actress who rides her bike everywhere, to auditions and to jobs, be it in the theater, at a studio or on location.

She organizes rides to support local theaters and to encourage her community to get out of the car and on a bike. She hopes you will join her on a ride in the near future!

Mark Peterson

Mark Peterson is a graphic designer, illustrator, music producer, and may very well be drinking a cup of coffee right now.

He rides a bike with unusually fat tires, and uses it solely for transportational purposes. One day all bicycles will have fat tires.

Alex Thompson
"Bikeside", "SMCM" & "BikeRoWave"
Bikeside LA

Alex Thompson is a mathematician turned bike activist. He organized in support of Santa Monica Critical Mass for the last two years, and co-founded Bikerowave.

He claims that he's working on a secret project but no one believes him, and he likes pizza.

Midnight RIDAZZ!

Josef Bray-Ali
"Brayj Against the Machine"
& "BikeOven"

Brayj Against the Machine

Josef Bray-Ali runs a bicycle repair collective called the Bike Oven which was started in his garage and now has a home on Figueroa Ave.

Josef devotes significant free time to researching, writing and advocating on behalf of bicycles and the benefits of transportation planning for bicycles.

Josef and his wife have a new baby girl and they live in Lincoln Heights.

Erik Knutzen

Erik Knutzen likes to ride his bike, even when it means pulling a trailer.

When not riding, he writes about bikes, backyard vegetables, and chickens at www.HomegrownEvolution.com. He's the co-author, with Kelly Coyne, of the Urban Homestead from Process Media.

Will Campbell
"[sic]" & BloggingLA

Will Campbell is a Los Angeles native whose first work commute by bike was way back in 1989 covering the 14 miles across the San Fernando Valley between his home in Burbank to his job in Tarzana. It was an arduous experience but he's come a long way, baby - literally.

Will's pedaled thousands of miles across this great city to work and for play, including more than 3,000 in 2007 alone. Why? Because he considers it a pursuit both noble and essential, and also just because any day he can get on his bike is a better day... for him, his fellow travelers, the city and the planet. He currently resides in Silver Lake with his wife Susan and a menagerie of animals.

Mike McDermed
"Mikey Wally"

Mikey Wally was born and raised in God's country, West Michigan. After brief stints in Wisconsin, Chile, and Amsterdam, he moved to Los Angeles in June 2007.

Mikey Wally is an alumnus of Beloit College. Currently an autodidact, he prefers to study power and its relation to expressing his desire to cycle freely. He is the only contributor to Mikey Wally.

We want nothing of a world in which the certainty of not dying from hunger comes in exchange for the risk of dying from boredom.

Bike Girl is both the femme fatale and the protagonist, taking back her share of the sometimes mean streets of Los Angeles one trip at a time.

She writes with a femminine, and sometimes saucy perspective on urban cycling and public transit.

Gary Kavanagh is a video game developer converted to the ways of the bicycle, riding for transit, F.U.N, and for sport as a beginning amateur racer.

He organized as team captain a group of cyclists from Midnight Ridazz for AIDS LifeCycle 7, riding from San Francisco to Los Angeles by bike and collectively raising over $55,000 in the fight against AIDS.

Documented on his blog Gary Rides Bikes, are his photo's and stories about life in the bike lane.



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