“Stephen Box brings dogged determination to every campaign for everyday justice on behalf of local communities. And he enjoins the fight with the passion of an activist informed by the public administrator’s organizational savvy. Stephen fills the yawning gap between the powers and the people
with his working knowledge of bureaucracy. He formulates and presses demands with a finely-tuned tenor of justifiable outrage while successfully rallying popular support given his intuitive sense about people. Between the moral claims on one hand and motivational energy on the other, Stephen steps in with his inimitable brio and energy.”

Mark Elliot Group Program Director at Cherry Creek Radio

“I first met Box when this country had a president who was clumsy (very!) with words and allowed money to do the talking. Listen to Box, read his analysis, and you will meet someone who thinks deep, says it well, and embodies the ethical principles on which the political process depends. As a teacher I’d call this A*. I know that our city needs such voices to invigorate the political process, and to end the paralysis of incumbents”

Dr. Michael Cahn Director at Plurabelle Books

“Stephen Box has more integrity in his little finger than most politicians have in their whole hand. If we want better government, we need Stephen in office!”

Gail Silver Coviello Actress, Union Member

“Stephen Box is an advocate for the people, free from corruption and special interests. His fresh ideas would inject city council with much needed change.”


“One only has to converse with Stephen Box for five minutes to understand how passionate he is about improving the quality of life for everyone. He is honest, well-versed in the important issues of the day, and deeply committed to serving his community.”

Braddon Mendelson Author / Charter School Board Member

“Stephen knows who to talk to and what to say to get things done in Los Angeles. He doesn’t except excuses for policies that don’t put the people of Los Angeles first.”

Damien Newton Executive Director at California Streets Initiative

“Stephen studies issues, looks at the root cause and offers alternatives, he thinks outside the box. He has the capacity to think on his feet.”

Silver Lake Resident

“Stephen Box has years of experience as a community activist working tirelessly to make a difference. He’s exactly the person LA needs on the city council to get our city back on track.”

Erik Knutzen Co-author of The Urban Homestead

“Energy, persistence, and commitment in action. . . “

Noel Weiss Petition Circulator/Friend and Advocate for Stephen Box

“Stephen Box represents a rare combination in a candidate for public office in that he is at once passionate, conscientious and well-informed. As a result he possesses both the energy and the innovative thinking that can change the way things work in the City of Los Angeles in ways that benefit everyone who lives and works here.”

Keith Jeffreys Veteran, U.S. Army Founding Artistic Director United States Veterans' Artists Alliance

“I was happily surprised when I first met Stephen. – His true love for Los Angeles and his determination to make good things happen and helping moving the city forward really impressed me. – I am convinced that he will be a great leader for Council District 4 and in City Hall.”

Ziggi Kruse Community Activist, Producer at HNN-TV

“Stephen Box will facilitate bridge building from the present into the future along authentic paths of sustainability. His vision will inspire widespread participation in the processes. His activism will demonstrate collaborate leadership leading to a healthier more sustainable Los Angeles.”

Lois Arkin Executive Director at CRSP Institute for Urban Ecovillages

“Stephen is a smart guy. He does his homework and thinks before he acts. He knows what he’s talking about and is dedicated to making L.A. the best city in the world.”

Doug Epperhart

“From the moment I met Stephen Box, I was impressed by his integrity, sincere interest in serving others, and willingness to ask the tough questions. I believe in Stephen’s vision for a better City Council and a better City and can’t wait to have him lead us towards that vision.”

Gary Slossberg Attorney at Law, former City Council Candidate for District 13

“I have known Stephen Box for many years and know he will be a tenacious advocate for our entire community, working tirelessly for innovative solutions and common sense government.”

Brian Smith Producer/Director

“Stephen is one of those remarkable individuals that sees things the way they should be and does not accept the status quo. He is actively engaged in almost every City committee and appears tireless in his efforts to affect and influence positve change.”

Sgt I David Krumer, LAPD LAPD

“Stephen combines grass roots and real world experience with technology. While he may be green in terms of environmental issues, he is not green to resolving problems and bringing people together. He has been working on issues beyond transportation, is a fast learner, and works collaboratively with individuals and groups. While others are explaining why things can’t be done in the City, Stephen has demonstrated leadership to develop solutions – “Can’t do it” isn’t in his vocabulary.”

Bob Blue Past Chair, Hollywood Studio District NC, Vice President, Hollywood Highlands Democratic Club